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WRMC Employee of the Year

White River Medical Center (WRMC) recently announced the selection of the 2020 Employee of the Year: Karen Taylor, Dietary Aide. She was the March 2020 Employee of the Month as the representative of Demeanor, one of the five PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence) Standards.  PRIDE standards are the guiding principles of customer service for White River Health facilities. The Employee of the Year is chosen by WRMC employees, and the nominees are those who were chosen as Employees of the Month in 2020.

When presenting Karen with her award, Gary Paxson, President and CEO of White River Health, described her as attentive, thoughtful, and instrumental.  Karen began working at WRMC in June of 2019 as a barista. Six months later she became a leader for the food line.  Throughout her time at WRMC, she has been a patient and colleague favorite due to her outstanding demeanor and ability to get to know her customers. When Covid began, Karen happily provided assistance anywhere she could, including moving to a position as a hostess.  She provided extraordinary work ethic that helped the department function during unprecedented times.  Karen exceeded the needs of customers and was even selected for a Helping Hand Award earlier this year.  She can make friends with anyone she comes in contact with and others find joy in her presence.

The Employee of the Year was revealed at a luncheon honoring Employees of the Month.  Those honored include; Brandi Nast, Wound Healing Center; Mary Bishop, Maternity Services; Karen Taylor, Dietary Services; Cathy McDonald, Pain Management; Sarah Armstrong, Laboratory; Amber Calendar, Quality Department; Jennifer Campbell, Emergency Services; Jami Smotherman, Pre-Service Unit; Barbara Grammer, Laboratory; Gabe Mizner, Intensive Care; Kelsey Brooks, Quality Department.

The WRMC Employees of the Month are nominated by their peers for best demonstrating a PRIDE standard. The PRIDE standards are Prompt Service, Respect, Involved, Demeanor, and Environmental Focus.