WRH Announces Temporary Furlogh


WRH Announces Temporary Furlogh

Temporary Furlough Announced

White River Health (WRHS) employees are making personal sacrifices to temporarily reduce payroll expenses.  White River Health, like many hospitals across the United States and in Arkansas, is experiencing the economic hardships associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the sudden drastic reduction in typical patient care services caused by the pandemic.

Friday, WRHS leaders met with employees about revenue shortfalls caused by postponing non-emergency surgeries, imaging studies, and laboratory tests, a reduction in emergency room visits, and the increase in expenses associated with preparing for COVID-19.  In addition to staff who have had hours reduced, many WRHS employees stepped forward to accept a 30-day unpaid furlough. Impacted employees will retain existing benefits, and those furloughed have been advised of their eligibility for unemployment benefits. 

“I am humbled by the response of our leaders and employees,” said WRHS President and CEO Gary Paxson. “It is an honor to work with people who demonstrate a genuine concern for each other and our patients. It is our intention to return to full employment as quickly as possible”