Lucy's Lemonade Stand


Lucy's Lemonade Stand

Lucy’s Lemonade Stand (Batesville, Ark.) –


Lucy Ford, a six year old in Batesville, is starting her philanthropic efforts early through the creation of a lemonade stand. The money she makes isn’t going toward the latest in toys. Instead, she is donating all her profits to impact her community in a big way.


Lucy created her lemonade stand to ask for donations for the Paint the Town Pink initiative, created by the White River Health (WRHS) Foundation.


The purpose of the Paint the Town Pink initiative is to raise funds for mammography technology and build awareness around Breast Cancer screening and detection. No matter how big or small the donation, Lucy has provided complimentary pink lemonade to all who have participated. “I am grateful for this whole experience,” said Lucy. Her parents, Carter and Georgeanne Ford, have been humbled by the experience as well. “This has been a great opportunity for Lucy to learn about Women’s Health, as well as see how her community can come together to support a great cause,” said Georgeanne.


Once Lucy started in her lemonade endeavor, she heard about the Big Wig Status with the WRHS Foundation, a status achieved by donors who contribute $1,500 or more to the Paint the Town Pink initiative. Lucy decided this would be her goal. Between setting up her stand at Carter Ford State Farm Insurance and White River Medical Center, she exceeded her goal and had the honor of wearing a pink wig. While she has been excited for the opportunity, WRHS is thankful for her commitment to making a huge impact for the cause.


The WRHS Foundation is hosting several events in the month of October to benefit the initiative. For more information on upcoming Paint the Town Pink events or to donate to the cause, call Tiffany Cox at 870-262-1834