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Rooming In

Maternity suite

We are a family centered care facility and rooming-in encourages mother-baby and family bonding. Therefore, we do not have a well-baby nursery. If your baby is in need of care in the nursery, your nurse will talk with you about our nursery policy and when you can be with your baby.


Our four-bed, level II newborn nursery, allows us to care for babies with special needs who need an increased level of care. The Pediatricians and nurses experienced in newborn care work together closely to provide the care needed for the babies to grow strong and go home as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of family bonding and encourage parents to be with their babies whenever possible.

Newborn Security

Your baby's security is our highest priority. WRMC uses an electronic security system (HUGS) to insure your baby's safety. The Maternity and Women's Health Unit are locked Departments. All visitors must be announced to the Maternity staff and allowed access.

Announcing Your Baby's Arrival

  • To announce the birth of each baby, Brahms' Lullaby is played and broadcast throughout the hospital.
  • With the parents' consent, a birth announcement will be forwarded to the Batesville Daily Guard and posted on the hospital's marquee sign after Mother and baby are released to go home.

At Home With Your Baby

Caring for Your Baby